At Hilton Herbs we pride ourselves on being 'animal' people as most of us have a pet of some description!  This makes it easy for us to identify, emphasise and advise the customers who phone our Helpline.  We thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of our four-legged friends so we give you "The Eight Dogs of Christmas".

Here is Archie, our fifth Dog of Christmas!

Archie belongs to Claire Peace who looks after Retail Business Development for Hilton Herbs, so she is responsible for keeping our retailers, wholesalers, and export customers happy!

Archie is 7-year old black Labrador and was bred by the game keeper atBarrington Court in Somerset, he is the only one of his siblings that does not work and sleeps in a bed!! He loves swimming in the sea and playing ball, and won a couple of classes at Thame Country Fare when he was younger.